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Connection between essential oil &steam distillation machine

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Special function and effect of essential oil make it popular among users,now let’s open her mysterious veil together to know more mystery.Essential oil is the volatile aromatic essence extracted from flowers,leaves,roots,seeds etc through ways of steam distillation or pressing or cold-maceration or solvent extraction.Steam distillation way is the most common way to get the pure essential oil.Steam distillation way is usually put the materials in the extraction tank and heat or connect with steam,the steam will pass through the material and vapourises oil,mixtures of steam and oil vapors go into the condenser.After the cooling,oil formed.According to the difference of material,there are two different ways,one is steam distillation and the other is steam distillation.The working process picture is in the below and also attached pictures of our steam distillation machine for your reference.