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Essential oil extraction methods

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Essential oil extraction methods means the way to get the essential oil from plants.Common essential oil extraction methods are steam distillation way,expression way,solvent extraction way,enfleurage way,Co2 extraction method and soaking method.Now we are glad to introduce the most traditional and common way-steam distillation.
Steam distillation way is the most common way,almost 95% essential oil is get by this way.Generally we put the material(flowers,leaves,wood,resin,
roots etc) into a big container(distillation tank),then we heat the bottom of the container or connect with steam.The steam will make the aromatic ingredients evaporate together with steam.The mixture of vapor will go into the condenser.The condenser is surrounded by cold water to cool the mixture of vapor and let it become the mixture of liquid which flow into the water oil separator.light oil is always above the water.The water after cooling is called hydrolat(contains the flavor of aromatic ingredients).Then we can store the essential oil and hydrolat separately.For more information about the steam distillation way,please pay attention to the next article “uncover secrets of steam distillation method”