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Essential oil distiller/vacuum distillation unit


Essential oil vacuum distillation

Model of essential oil extract equipment:

Specifications1. Steam extraction part is popular with the structure of basket-in-water2. Operation part has adopted PLC or touch screen control system, this accords to customer’s demand.3. This unit is automatically operate.4. All kinds of plants can be the material ofessential oil equipment  .

2.Specifications of  essential oil extract equipment:

● Power: 14kw, 380v/50Hz, Three Phases

● Volume of Distillation Pot: 150L

● Moisture Extraction Temperature: 100c

● Volume of Extraction Tank: 150L

● Cooling From Tap Water or cooling machine

● Material: SUS304 2B

● Size: 2000x900x2200mm (According to customer’s demand)

3.Features of  essential oil extract equipment:

● This essential oil  equipment is by steam-distillation to reach the extraction of essential oils.

● Easy operation. One people can operate this rose oil extraction equipment easily .

● High efficiency. This essential  oil  equipment can quickly reach 100°C high temperature under the conditions of cleanness, safety and atmospheric pressure. If required, with vacuum pump, the extraction speed of essential oils will be more faster.

● Compact structure. It covers only about 1.5 square meter.

4.Technical datas EC150 essential oil extract equipment:

● Model:  EC150  essential oil extration equipment

● Power: 14KW (3 phase, 380v/50Hz)

● Volume of distillation pot: 150L(according to demand of customers)

● Heating area of distillation pot: 1.45M2

● Condensation area of condenser: 1.25M2

● Power of heater: 14KW

● Size:  2000x900x2200mm (according to demand of customers)

6.Pictures of essential oil extract equipment:

Drawing of Essential oil extract equipment


Structure of essential oil extract machine

Heating control part of Essential oil  extract machine

Material of Essential oil extrat equipment:


Wood power of  essential oil extract machine


Oil-water separation part of essential oil extract equipment


Essential oil


Final product of essential oil


Package of Essential oil extraction equipment


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