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Factory direct extraction and concentration unit



● This Low Temperature Ethanol Extraction Machine is applicable for the multiple technology of normal pressure ,micro pressure,water frying ,warm soaking ,thermal reflux,compulsory circulation,filtration,redolent oil extraction and organically solvent recycling in traditional Chinese medicine,food and chemical industry. It is equipped with CIP cleaning device in the tank. solvent extraction.


● TheLow Temperature Ethanol Extraction Machine consists of extractor, tubular heater, evaporator, condenser, oil-liquid separator, oil collector, medicine liquid pump, weighing vent, liquid storage tank, filter, vacuum pump, and electric cabinet. Defoamers are fixed in the steam outlet of the extractor and evaporator. The units without steam heating can be fixed with oil heating system.

●  It can be operate to hot recyling distill and condense, normal extraction, concentration, precipitation and percolation.

● It can work in the condition of negative pressure, atm. and positive pressure. It can apply to distill water, ethanol and solvent, up to GMP standard.

● The Low Temperature Ethanol Extraction Machine has great advantages in multi-function, high efficiency, energy saving, and wide operation arrange. It pioneers in comprehensive capacity in nationwide; it is the pilot equipment in distilling natural herbal medicine, especially fit for research institution, universities and collages, and factory pilot experiment, or distilling valued medicine, or low temperature fresh herbal. It has been widely used in factories.

Device Parameters
ModelCapacityHot water generator powerMaterialHeating Area of Extraction TankCondensing Area of CondenserVacuum pump power
HST1010L6KWSUS304/3160.21M20.22 M20.55KW
HST2020L8.8KWSUS304/3160.28 M20.5 M20.55KW
HST3030L10KWSUS304/3160.33 M20.72 M21.5 KW
HST5050L12KWSUS304/3160.5 M20.83 M23KW
HST100100L24KWSUS304/3160.98 M20.95 M24KW
HST150150L25KWSUS304/3161.45 M21.2 M24KW
HST200200L27KWSUS304/3161.85 M21.5 M26.5 KW
HST300300L35KWSUS304/3162.85 M22.3 M28KW
Pharmaceuticalanalytical solution of antibiotic resin for desalination and concentration, vitamin concentration
Dyedesalination and concentration, instead of salting out, acid
Amino aciddecolorization, impurity removal, concentration and desalination
Foodoligosaccharides, starch, sugar, separation, purification, fruit juice concentrate, plant extract
Recovery of mother liquorMSG mother liquor purification, glucose crystallization solution impurity etc.
Water treatmentprinting and dyeing waste-water treatment, water reuse, ultra pure water preparation
Acid, alkali recoverypharmaceutical industry washing column acid, alkali waste liquid, chemical fiber industry waste acid, alkali
Packing & Delivery


Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

● Inquiry and consulting support.

● Sample testing support.

● View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

● Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.

● Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

User Demand Analysis

● Once the project is confirmed, the product level, processing technology and consulting group are analyzed according to the actual demands of customers so as to provide suitable engineering plans, form a complete production line and calculate the budget.

Engineering Design

● We carry out planning and designs on details of engineering plans through introducing internationally advances design conception to provide valuable project technological plans and ensure effective implementation of all steps.

Product Manufacturing

● The approved production drawing is the basis for production and manufacturing. All equipment that is not manufactured on the site shall be indentified by our quality responsible person so as to meet the strict stipulations.

Automatic Control Integration

● The installation of the system and the whole automatic project meets the GMP standard and FDA standard. According to our years of experience, the installation and process rules will help simplify the starting and commissioning of equipment.

Trial Running and Training

● During the equipment commissioning, our engineers will provide guidance on the site and carry out various tests with respect to all performances of the equipment with customers. Approval will be received from users.

Verification Services

● To ensure normal production, we can set up maintenance and servicing plans for a single machine, the whole production line or the whole factory and provide equipment maintenance services and offer fittings according to customer requirements.




Q: What does BETTER need from me to quote a price?
1.Raw material
2.Production capacity per batch

Q: What is the oil yield?
The oil yield depends on oil content of your material.If the oil content of your material is high,you can get more essential oil.

Q: Can I use the machine to extract several kinds of raw materials?
Yes,of course.

Q: Can I do extraction test with my own raw material?
Yes,of course.We can do extraction test and send you videos and test report for your Reference.

Q: What heating way does your machine support?
Electricity/gas/wood/steam heating.

Q: What is your material of your machine?
Stainless steel(Standard type is SUS304,it can be customized according to your request)

Q: How long does it take to produce the machine once I place my order ?
Usually the delivery time is 30 working days after prepayment received.

Q: What is the minimum quantity I must order?
We don’t technically have minimums, but if you order more than 3 sets once,we can give you a discount.

Q: Do you have machines in stock?
No,our machine is produced according to your request.

Q: How will my order be packed, can you provide the installation service?
Packed in plywood case.

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