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Chinese herb extraction machine

Publish Time: 2016-08-11 Views: 11

Generally speaking, herb extraction equipment is to extract the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. This equipment can be divided into the extracting tank, condenser, concentrated tank, pump, filter, etc. The machine can be customrized according to the different needs of the users.

It widely used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), plants, food, biological, atmospheric pressure, compression and decompression, extraction, warm immersion, thermal circumfluence, forced circulation, diacolation, aromatic oil separation and recovery of organic solvent.

Our unit in the multi-function, high efficiency, energy saving, wide operating range has a big advantage. In the aspect of comprehensive performance, we are the leading in domestic. Especially suitable for scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, factories use, pilot chamber  or valuable drug extraction enrichment, or plants sold low temperature extraction and enrichment.

The following 200L equipment will be export to Mexico, customers used to extract capsaicin. Equipment has now been into the warehouse ready to ship.




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