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Congratulations to Mr. Du--Resumes Production in New-built Factory

Publish Time: 2016-11-18 Views: 25

Qichun, the hometown of a famous ancient China pharmaceutical scientist,has been overwhelmed by more and more concerns these years. With the support from government, this small county attracts lots of natives to engage in planting and processing wormwood. What we talk today is one native called Mr. Du. Several years ago, he purchased 2 sets of 500L capacity essential oil distiller from us to produce wormwood essential oil. With success in business, he stated to have cooperation with friends in producing moxa woool, moxa stick, etc. This year, he built a factory and aims to expand business. So he called us to help remove machine from home yard to new factory. After three-day hard work of engineer and Richie, machine was installed again in factory.

According to feedback from Mr. Du, he uses only 30 minutes for one batch, which is much less than the per batch time used for handling majority of other raw materials. This confirms that extraction time per batch varies from material to material besides extraction method. For example, generally time per batch for flowers is within four hours; while that for wood, such as sandalwood, requires several days or even half month.

So if you have investment plan to produce essential oil but you don’t know that how to start. Don’t hesitate to can contact us to do a test for you. Based on test, you will know extraction time per batch, distillation method, oil yield, etc. That will be much valuable reference.





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