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Engineer Will Install Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine in America, COME and SEE

Publish Time: 2016-11-21 Views: 32

With the further opening of essential, cannabis market, more and more natives rush to invest in such field. One of the businesses is to extract essential, cannabis oil for CBD and THC by Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine.

Recently five more America states succeeded in legalization of essential, cannabis business. This shall greatly stimulate the oil market, thus more and more oil machines are required. Through lots of investors expect to take a share of the cake, including many individuals, their funds are limited, so cheap but reliable machine is in need.

As far as we know, the quantity of local machine manufacturers in America is not less than that in China. But the price of American machine is generally very high and rejects many investors. Among our old customers, there are some who bought local machine initially, later they have demand to expand business by big capacity machine but cannot afford local machine anymore, so they jump to China market for price reasonable but good quality machine.

Thus we got the opportunity to have cooperation with them. Just in this November, our engineer and translator flied to North America and installed 48L machine in Canada and 5L & 20L machine in Los Angeles. These three customers all use our machine to extract essential and cannabis oil.

This year, we have one customer who is from Salem city (next to Portland), Oregon, he bought one set 5L machine from us. Several months later he visited our factory and threw a big order for 2 sets of 100L machine ascribed to good performance of the 5L machine as he said. Engineer planned to install his machines when he was in America, but cust-omer’s local government was late to offer installation approval. So engineer and translator will fly to Salem again at end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 as customer will get approval then.

So any friend has interest or wants to invest in such filed, please don’t miss such a good chance to watch installation and have face-to-face talk with engineer. On site you will meet fellows who intend to invest in the same field like you, learn operation & extraction process, know more information about the market, etc. So hurry up to contact us for the visit, no matter you are in America or will fly to America.

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