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Mugwort in Nantong Xiaoyangkou I

Publish Time: 2015-12-21 Views: 8

On December 16th,2015,with the invitation of Manager Hu, We had the opportunity to accompany Professor Lu from Hubei university of Chinese medicine to come to the beautiful hot springs resort in Xiaoyangkou which is located in Nantong city. We visited the Rose Garden and also take some samples of soil. Later a meeting was called to discuss the plantation of mugwort in xiaoyangkou. Under the instruction of Professor Lu, the transplant plans of mugwort were made. The special effect of mugwort happen to coincide with the theme of resort. The mugwort must can added a unique scenery and lasting appeal for the hot springs resort.

mugwort in nantong xiaoyangkou i

mugwort in nantong xiaoyangkou i1

mugwort in nantong xiaoyangkou i3


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Mugwort in Nantong Xiaoyangkou II

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