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Nibert typhoon

Publish Time: 2016-07-20 Views: 6

According to the survey, the Fujian province city of nine 56 counties, 585 townships, 654600 people affected by the disaster, submerged city 609,700 houses collapsed, emergency transfer, 506700, killed 69 people, as a result of missing 6 people; The affected 48030 hectares of crops, by 19510 hectares, rejection, 5260 hectares; Production of industrial and mining enterprises, 303, the airport shut down five flights canceled about 390 flights, 3 TiaoCi railroads, train service 341 columns; Damaged 55.19 kilometers, dyke breaches, 0.7 km, sluices, shuitangba, hydrology station, hydropower and water conservancy facilities 6072 sets. The provincial total direct economic loss of 9.989 billion yuan, including loss of 2.342 billion yuan of water conservancy facilities.

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