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Shandong Province will have its first 3000L Essential Oil Distiller

Publish Time: 2016-08-22 Views: 7

“Oh, finish, Congratulations!” from Mr. Yang, engineer of Shanghai Better Industry.

At the middle of July, the company received a domestic order of 3000L capacity essential oil distiller to extract rose essential oil. Customer came for test in the beginning of July and was satisfied with the test result. So he hurried up to set down the project. What’s more, his oil will be exported to Southeast Asia and North America countries.

“Usually it requires around 45 working days to finish such huge machine. But customer only gave us 30 days. It’s really a challenge to us. But we believe that we can make it and now we made it. ” “As market leader in such filed, our products share good quality and competitive price in the domestic and overseas market. For the past few years, our trade business has boomed by 150%. All that owes to Better staff’s everlasting innovation and hardworking”, said Mr. Xu, the manager of production department.

As one of the most precious oil in such field, rose essential oil is well known as “liquid gold” because of extremely low oil yield (usually 2 to 3 percent of 10 thousands). In recent years, essential oil market becomes flourishing; more and more guys start investment in such field, hopefully to grasp the opportunity to boom their business.

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