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150L ultrasonic ethanol ethyl acetate water extraction and concentration for Pine needle


● Power of vacuum pump: 1.5KW

● Total heating power: 30 KW

● Power of ultrasonic device: 1.5KW

● Heating area of extraction tank: 1.1㎡

● Heating area of concentration tank: 0.6㎡

● Condenser area: 2.4㎡

● Designed pressure of jacket: 0.3-0.4Mpa

● Designed pressure in tank: 0.09Mpa

● Working temperature range: RT-85℃

● Vacuum degree: -0.05---0.09 Mpa

● Concentration temp:40~80℃

● Volume of extraction tank:150L

● Volume of concentration tank:150L

● Filter:200mesh

● Heating source:electricity

● Cooling source:tap water


As the base unit of the extractor field ,it can be used for various fields of pharmaceutical, food, and chemical etc.we can use different extraction process for herbs,flowers,seeds,fruits,leaves,bone water extraction,solvent extraction, thermal reflux etc.this is the ideal equipment for colleges and universities, research institutes,research and development departments and laboratories of enterprises and institutions to do research or batch production of pharmaceutical plant.

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CategoryMaterials suitable for ultrasonic solvent extraction
Chinese herbal medicinesScutellaria baicalensis,ginseng,pseudo-ginseng,ginkgo and etc.
Natural foods and feed SupplementsBlueberry,hot pepper,purple potato, turmeric and etc.
Natural health products and cosmeticsPeel,fish scale, lavender,rose and etc
Natural essence and perfumeCape jasmine,taxus chinensis,sea-tangle and etc.
Plant pesticidesKuh-seng,dalmatian chrysanthemum,yeast and etc.

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