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Circulating Water Vacuum Pump For Lab



● The circulating water vacuum pump manufactured by our company is a new type of multi-head high-power pumping, one-time anti-corrosion forming shell, five-tap circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump. The circulating water vacuum pump is designed for internal and external circulating water.


The circulating water vacuum pump has the advantages of no oil, no pollution, high power, low noise, convenience and flexibility, saving water and electricity, etc. It is multi-purpose.

● The machine is equipped with five suction heads for multi-tube operation, which can be used separately or in parallel.

● Circulating water vacuum pump has low noise and convenient movement.

● The vacuum pump of circulating water is pollution-free. The box body of the machine is made of polyvinyl chloride plastics,
and the shell is made of stainless steel and cold plate electrostatic spraying shell.

This product is a new type of multi-purpose vacuum pump designed with circulating water as working fluid and the principle of negative pressure generated by jet. It can provide vacuum conditions for chemical laboratory and circulating cooling water for
reaction device.

Device Parameters
Pump Flow90L/min
Pump Lift12M
Body MaterialAnti-corrosion
Sucking rate10 L/min *5
Max. vacuum0.098Mpa (735mmHg, 0.98bar, 735Torr)
Tank capacity50L
Vacuum port5Pcs
As circulating pumpCirculating water temperature: 0~25℃
Safety ProtectionThe product includes check valve to prevent cross-flow
Shell MaterialPVG with surface electrostatic spray
Net weight37kg





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● Inquiry and consulting support.

● Sample testing support.

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After-Sales Service

● Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.

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Q: What does BETTER need from me to quote a price?

1).Raw material
2).Production capacity per batch,machine can be customized according to your request for your request.

Q: Do you have machine in stock?

No,every machine is customized according to your order.

Q: How long does it take to produce the machine once I place my order?

The Supercritical CO2 extract machine’s process flow is complex.Generally it takes about 30 workdays to Produce. We are responsible for the quality of machine our customers. Every procedure and details have to be inspected strictly.

Q: How will my order be packed, can you provide the installation service?

Plywood case. And we will assemble and test the machine before packing.

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---Your professional sales manager



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