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1000L and 50L Essential Oil Distiller Installed in Vanuatu

December 09, 2022

After more than 40 days of sea transportation, the customer from Vanuatu already got the 1000L and 50L Essential oil distiller,  now machines are on installation status.


Customer is very satisfied with our machine, and very high ratings for our equipment.


The 1000L and 50L machine is customized according to customer’s requirements, because customer original have 1000L machine and boiler. Now three machines will share one boiler, in this way it will save much money for customer.

The machines will be used to extract essential oil from Sandalwood. Sandalwood essential oil extraction is much difficult than flowers, leaves essential oil extraction, because it’s wood.

Before extraction, the Sandalwood need to be cut into small pieces, and use water boiling method.

The extraction time for Sandalwood extraction usually is 12-24 hours.

The machines will be installed completely 10 days later. More videos can be shared, and customer also agree other to visit his factory. So if you have interest, please contact us!


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