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6000L Essential Oil Distiller in Stock

September 05, 2023

Due to the customer’s bad economic situation, the customer can’t pay the balance payment now. Customer entrust us to sell this 6000L Essential oil distiller.

6000L essential oil distiller include 6000L extraction tank, boiler, cooling tower, connection tubes, pumps, etc. The machine can do steam distillation and water boiling distillation. The machine can be suitable for all essential oil extraction, such as rose, lemongrass, agarwood, etc.

6000L machine per batch can process about 600 KG of raw material, each batch takes about 8 hours which include raw materials loading and unloading.

If use steam distillation, the steam will pass through the raw material directly, and the essential oil in raw material will come with steam and go into condenser, the essential oil will be cooled and form liquid oil. If use water boiling, the steam will go into jacket of extraction tank and heat the water and raw material in extraction tank, after boiling, the essential oil will come with steam which is produced by heated water and then go into condenser.


Now the 6000L machine is for promotion, 20% discounted and provide free installation and training in customer’s side.


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