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Advantages of Essential Oil Extraction Machine

May 09, 2023

Advantages of Essential oil extraction machine

1. Machine has operation platform,the staff can stand on the top, which makes it easier to operate and see the inside of the extraction tank.

2. Machine has the material basket,the staff can put the material in the material basket in the extraction tank,when the extraction finished,the staff only need to take out the material basket to remove the material.

3. Machine has the crane,all extraction tanks and material baskets can be lifted with the crane.

4. Machine has the very long condenser coil, very efficient cooling system.Inside is a glass coil, outside is a stainless steel cylinder cover, well protected.Cooling systems are much better than our competitors.

5. Machine has the steam interface unit.You can choose the boil or steam with the raw material to get the essential oil according to the different raw material.

6. Machine usually uses heat conducting oil to transfer temperature.

The heat conducting oil exists in the interlayer of the extraction tank.This is more controllable and safer than direct heating.

Everything we do on the machine is for the customer's sake.Please make a further study of the difference between our machines and our competitors.You will find that you will have a perfect machine.



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