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Details of 5L Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

March 03, 2023


5L CO2 extraction machine include 1 set of 5L extractor and 2 sets of separators.

5L extractor usually is used for lab test or pilot test. The two separators can ensure that no extracts is wasted.

The machine can process 1.8 KG of dried and grinded raw materials each batch. Regarding the oil yield, this is easy to calculate, just multiply the original oil content in the raw material by 95%, because the extraction efficiency of co2 Extraction machine is 95%.

The dimension of 5 co2 extraction machine is 4.0 x2.5x 2.0 (meter, L x W x H). Electrical requirements are 16 KW, 72 amps breaker. The actually co2 consumption is 3.75 KG per hour and electrical consumption is 9 KW per hour.

Installing and training operator for 5L co2 extraction machine need 5 days, the fee for engineers’ installation and training in customer’s side is about 1500 USD. Video call to instruct customer for installation and training or customer come to China for leaning is free.

The packing size of machine is 7.5 m3 and weight is 1257 KG

The above data is convenient for everyone to calculate the cost of the entire project!

Last, the important thing is that the machine is for promotion, 15% discount for now


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