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Experiment of Agarwood oil extraction by essential oil distiller

December 14, 2022

Experiment of Agarwood oil extraction by Essential oil distiller

Essential oil distiller use water or steam to distill the raw material, and get pure essential oil finally, this is a traditional essential oil extraction method, which is widely used in essential oil extraction because of its simple operation process and low cost.

According to the customer's needs, this week we conducted an experiment on the extraction of Agarwood essential oil for the customer. The weight of Agarwood for the experiment is 650 g.

Before extraction, the Agarwood was grinded into powder, and the powder was soaked for 72 hours. Then we load the powder into 20L essential oil distiller for extraction, the entire extraction process lasted 31.5 hours, finally got 1.5g pure oil. The oil yield is 0.23%.

According to our experience, regarding to wood essential oil extraction, the best extraction machine is Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine,  but CO2 extraction machine is much expensive than essential oil distiller. Next experiment, we will use CO2 extraction machine for Agarwood essential oil extraction.

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