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Experiment of Frankincense Essential Oil Extraction

December 09, 2022

In order to meet customer’s requirements before ordering machine, we have done an experiment of Frankincense essential oil extraction.

Because different Frankincense material is different oil content, so the Frankincense is sent by customer’s side. In this way, customer can know the extraction efficiency of our Essential oil distiller better.

The experiment used a 50L essential oil distiller,  we load 5 KG of Frankincense into extraction tank. The next step is to choose the extraction method, according to our experience, the water boiling method for Frankincense essential oil extraction is better. So we add water into extraction tank, and mix water with Frankincense, and then use electric to heat the extraction tank.

The whole experiment takes 5 hours, the oil yield is 3.8%.

Please check the following YouTube link for more details.

If you are interested in Essential oil extraction machine and also want to know the extraction efficiency before purchasing machine, contact us for an experiment.


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