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Extraction part of low temperature ethanol extraction system

April 08, 2023


The full name of this system is low temperature Ethanol extraction and concentration continuous system, it’s divided into two parts, one is the extraction part and another is the concentration part.

Extraction part also can be divided into two parts , one is the cooling system and another is the Extraction system.

Cooling system


Cooling system

1. Solvent storage tank
2. Solvent pump
3. Liquid nitrogen tank
4. Cooling exchanger
5. Circulation cooling pump
6. Pre-cooling tank

What’s that and How does it work?

Cooling is a step before the extraction and is important for the whole system ,It’s the key point of this technique, because the cooling temperature needs to be below -70 degrees.    

1. Start the Solvent Pump to flow the 95% ethanol to the Pre-cooling Tank from the Solvent Storage Tank. On censoring the real level value of ethanol in the Pre-cooling Tank reaches the Top-Limit set, the Solvent Pump will stop automatically.

2. Start the Circulation Cooling Pump to let the 95% ethanol flow in circulation between the Pro-cooling Tank and the Cooling Exchanger.

3. First, open the valve which is on the Liquid Nitrogen Tank and controls the liquid nitrogen outlet
Then, open the valve which is connected to the Cooling Exchanger and with a long hand bar. Soon after this valve is opened, the liquid nitrogen will come into the exchanger and in the process of becoming vapor. At same time, you will find a vapor or smoke coming out from the top of the exchanger, this is the nitrogen gas.

4. On censoring the real temperature value of ethanol in the Pre-cooling Tank reaches the target value set, the Circulation Cooling Pump will stop automatically.
One batch of pre-cooling work ends, the solvent is ready for putting into the extractor.     

Extraction devices.


What’s that and how does it work?

The left tank in the photo is Extraction tank, it's jacket tank, the cooled ethanol will be pumped in the tank and the jacket , then we input the biomass from the top feed port and soak it with frozen ethanol, and the extraction tank is equipped with stirrer, so the biomass and chilled ethanol also will be mixed and stirred. This extraction also equipped with Pneumatic discharging door.When the extraction completed,control the air compressor,the pneumatic door will be opened to discharge the used biomass;

Two filters are in the middle of the picture, the filtration accuracy of filter can be adjusted by customers’ requirements.Usually the filtration accuracy is 40 mesh;

The right tank is the Extract liquid storage tank, stores the extract liquid here and waiting for concentration, that means the extraction process in completed.


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