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General Information of Belt Dryer

May 09, 2023

General information of belt dryer

1. Main structure: Burner,Heat exchange furnace,Feeding conveyor
with distributor, Drying equipment,  Discharge conveyor,Control panel.

2. Main role: Burner usually use natural gas,the heat exchanger distributes the heat of the burner to the whole engine room,the electric control cabinet controls the operation of the dryer,it has a conveyor belt in the drying room for drying.

3. Working principle: The material goes through the head of the machine. The distributed feeder distributes the materials in the mesh belt evenly, and adjust the thickness of the material according to the conditions. The linear velocity is decided by the kinds and the moisture. The dried material is discharged from the discharging port. (The even layer is discharged from the head, and odd layer is discharged from the tail.) In the process of drying, due to the function of fan, drive the hot air flow through the guide duct into the internal of bottom of the dryer, then drying the material from the bottom to the top, and next discharge the exhaust through air outlet of the duct. If want to get better drying effect and reasonable capacity, it should combine reasonably properly, and organic with the raw material moisture, liner of mesh belt, air volume and air temperature.

We produce machines with processing capacity from 100kg to 1200kg per hour,you can choose different sizes of belt dryers according to your requirements.Belt dryer can dry many raw material like cannabis,hemp,vegetables,fruit etc.This will be your best choice!



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