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General Introduction of Ultrasonic Device

May 09, 2023

Ultrasonic device is usually used to herbal extraction by solvent.

The unique physical characteristics of ultrasonic can make the plant cell and tissue broken or deformed, it will shorten the extraction time and increase the extraction efficiency.

Usually the ultrasonic transducer is placed in the extraction tank and in contact with raw material and solvent. The ultrasonic transducer produce ultrasonic during extraction. But this will produce heavy metal pollution.

In order to prevent heavy metal pollution, attach the ultrasonic device to the outside wall of extraction tank. Picture as below.


Attach 4 sets of ultrasonic devices around the extraction tank, the ultrasonic transducer is not in contact with raw material and solvent. It can meet GMP standard better.

And each ultrasonic device include multiple transducers, it will increase the efficiency of ultrasonic.



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