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Introduction of Essential Oil Distiller

April 08, 2023

This machine is usually used to extract essential oil from flower, plants, citrus, leaves, wood, resin, etc.


The machine consists of extraction part, cooling part, oil water separation part, storage part, electric control part.

1. Extraction part:


The solvent and raw material will be loaded into this tank for extraction, which by steam distillation or water distillation to extract. And the extract tank has material basket, the staff who can put the material in the basket in the extraction tank. When the extraction finished, the staff just need to take out the material basket to remove material.

2. Cooling part:


The steam passes through raw material and vaporizes oil, mixtures of steam and oil vapors go into the condenser, after the cooling, oil formed. The outer wall of the condenser is protected by stainless steel, and the internal part is composed of multi-layer coils, so as to achieve better cooling effect.

3. Oil water separation part:


When oil formed, it passes through the oil-water separator to separate the pure oil and pure dew through the different density of water and oil. We can see clearly the result of the separation.

4. Storage part:


When the oil and water are separated, the separated dew is stored in the tank. It's easier to see where he's stored through a mirror. And we can recycle it.

5. Electric control part:


This machine is controlled by the electric cabinet. If you use the boil way with the material, the electric cabinet will heat the heat conduction oil first, then pass the temperature to the water and material to produce the essential oil.  This is more controllable and safer than direct heating.

And if you need know more, please check the following Youtube link.


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