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Large CO2 extractor sold to UAE

April 08, 2023

We Shanghai Better Industry is a professional manufacturer of various extraction equipment with experience of decades. Among our products, supercritical CO2 extractor is the best-selling. After browsing our official website, you could see lots of information about producing hemp/cannabis CBD oil by CO2 extractor, rarely to see information of producing other products. Actually CO2 extractor is a universal type equipment which can process a mass of different kinds of raw materials including processing tomato’s residual for lycopene.

This month we got an order of two large CO2 extractors from UAE.

One is 4×50L, another is 2×150L. Both extractors will be used to processing tomato pomace for lycopene.

Before placing order, UAE customer has visited us and done a test in our factory. Below pictures are taken during test for your reference. If you have demand of such extractor (or any other equipment) or have interest to learn more details, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.


Tomato pomace


Tomato pomace after crushed


Extracts from crushed tomato pomace (contains high percentage of lycopene)


Principle of Steam distillation to get Essential oils from plants


Introduction of supercritical CO2 extraction machine with Distillation column

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