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Low Temperature Vortex Crusher System

January 11, 2023

Low Temperature Vortex Crusher System

The Low Temperature Vortex Crusher System unit can not only adapt to the Chinese herbal compound, but also be used in the crushing process of oily and less viscous materials. It is also effective for fiber-containing raw materials, especially for the crushing of traditional Chinese medicine extracts.

Why is this crusher named Low Temperature Vortex Crusher

Because the unit adopts the welding structure, the main casing and the pipeline have no dead angle. The main engine generates wind pressure through the high-speed rotation of the turntable. Under the wind driven by the induced draft fan, the airflow brings the temperature generated inside the chassis out of the chassis, so that The material stays in the pulverization process for a short time and the temperature rises slowly.


The Low Temperature Vortex Crusher System has high crushing efficiency, uniform particle size of finished products, and the pass rate of one-time powder is as high as 100%. Moreover, it achieves a small footprint, an overall concentration, the highest recovery rate, and no dust flying. Different from any domestic crusher, it utilizes the principle of Chinese herbal medicine crushing, has strong shearing ability, good fineness and high output.



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