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Rotary Tablet Machine

August 21, 2023

The rotary Tablet machine is a newly developed automatic rotary continuous tablet press. It is a smaller Tablet press that can meet GMP standards in China. It compresses granular raw materials into various ordinary and irregular sheets, mainly used in the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, and is also suitable for industrial sectors such as chemical, food, electronics, plastics, powder metallurgy, etc. The overall use of tight sealing and dust prevention devices, as well as high-definition isolation windows, facilitates maintenance. It has advantages such as safety alarm device, complete vacuum performance, and low noise. The rotation adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation and national standard stamping die( Ф twenty-two × 115mm) punch rod. Suitable for laboratory trial production and small-scale production.


Adopting a frequency conversion speed control device for electrical speed regulation, it is easy to operate, rotates smoothly, and is safe and accurate.

High quality stainless steel structure with tight sealing and dustproof design, in compliance with GMP design.

Adopting a high-definition and isolated window design, it can clearly observe the status of the tablet and can be fully opened, making it easy for internal cleaning and maintenance.

Equipped with overload protection device, it can automatically stop when the pressure is overloaded.


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