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Spray Dryer in Bulgaria

December 14, 2022

The spray dryer can dry liquid raw materials into powder, such as making milk powder and water-soluble powder.

So spray dryers are usually used in food and pharmaceutical industries.

The customer from Bulgaria ordered a set of 5 KG/h spray dryer,  the spray dryer is used to dry liquid herbal concentrates into instant powders, it can dry 5 KG of liquid per hour.


The spray dryer is fully automatic, operator only need to connect the feed pipe to the liquid raw material, and then the liquid raw material enters the spray dryer through the peristaltic pump. In the drying room, the high temperature and dry air will remove the moisture in the liquid raw material, and then get the powder.

In addition, the equipment is very easy to clean and is designed to prevent material from sticking to the walls before drying. The temperature control of the equipment is perfect to ensure that high quality powder can be obtained

The customer is willing to let others to visit, if you want to see the machine working in person, contact us!




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