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The filtration Process of Solvent Extraction Machine

April 10, 2023

Filtration is part of whole Extraction machine, it used to remove the spent biomass and other impurities from liquid. So extraction finished, the liquid will flow from extraction tank through filter to liquid storage tank.

Extraction tankFiltersLiquid storage tank

The following information is description of the filtration step

Step 1: after extraction, use vacuum pump to create vacuum condition in the storage tank, and keep vacuum pump working when filtration.
Take 300L Solvent extraction machine as example, liquid storage tank is 500L, vacuum pump is 27 m3/h.

Step 2: When vacuum condition achieve the value required for filtration, controlling the valve, the liquid will be flowed from extraction tank to storage tank by the pressure difference.

The liquid will be filtered by the metal filter of pneumatic discharge door which is on the bottom of extraction tank first. The metal filter is used to remove big size spent biomass and impurities.

Metal filter of pneumatic discharge door

Then the liquid will flow to the fine filters, fine filters usually use filter bag or filter paper as medium. The filtration accuracy usually is 30 microns to 50 microns, but also can be customized by actual requirements. Fine filters is used to remove small size impurities.



Inner of filterFilter bag

The liquid can be observed during whole filtration process through sight glass, in this way, we can know whether the liquid is filtered well.

The location of two sight glasses

Sight glass for observing liquid after metal filterSight glass for observing liquid after fine filters


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