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Vacuum Rotary Evaporator

January 11, 2023

Rotary Evaporator is widely used in the process like Concentration, Refining, Separation, Crystallization, etc.

Rotary evaporator is an evaporation system that using the different boiling point of solvent to separate target solvent from a mixture. It always match with vacuum pump and chiller.


When evaporating, the evaporating ball rotates in the water bath pot to ensure that the liquid is heated evenly and the heating temperature is stable. According to actual needs, machine can be set the depth and rotation speed of the rotating ball in the water bath pot.

And vacuum pump can keep the system at better vacuum degree, and lower the boiling point of the liquid. This is safer for the recovery of flammable and explosive solvents, such as ethanol, Hexane, etc.

Chiller can cooling the condenser, improve the efficiency of collection.

The machine usually equipped with -40℃ chiller, If it is a solvent with a very low boiling point, we recommend using - 80 ℃ chiller.


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