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FAQ of supercritical CO2 extraction machine

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The legalization of marijuana in the United States triggered many customers to consult the supercritical CO2 extraction machine.This machine is usually used to get oil or effective ingredients of medicine,food,flavor, spices etc.The common FAQ of this machine are in the below,for more information,contact us freely.

Q:What is the difference between the Co2 extraction machine and the essential oil  distiller?

A: Co2 extraction machine is suitable for the dried material and Co2 has strong adsorb ability.Changing the temperature and the pressure,CO2 will be in different status.The oil is got just through the conversion of the co2 status.The product got by the CO2 extraction machine do not have the volatility.The cost of the CO2 extraction machine and the use cost are both very high,but the extraction rate is ten times higher than steam distillation.

The essential oil distiller is suitable for the extraction of many kinds of materials such as rose,lavender,mint,ginger,pepper,sandalwood etc. Though the steam distillation,pure essential oil is extracted.This machine can adopt different heating methods and the cost is much lower.

Q:Will the CO2 be reused?

A:Yes,of course.The CO2 can be reused.

Q:What is the features of the CO2 extraction machine?

A:CO2 extraction machine includes several parts: extraction kettle, separate kettle,mixer, CO2 high-pressure pump, entrainer pump, refrigeration system, heat exchange system, CO2 storage tank, CO2 level gauge, purification system, flow meter, temperature control system, safety protection system etc.The extraction kettles can be used in the same time or interchangeably.The interchangeable use can save the CO2 and the safety protection system can insure the safety operation.

Q: What’s the capacity range of your CO2 extraction machine?

A: The capacity range of the CO2 extraction machine is from 0.5L to 2000L.

Q: What’s the materials of your CO2 extraction machine?

A: The machine are made of SUS304.

Q:How many sets CO2 extraction machine can you sold per year?
A:80-100 sets per years.

Q:How long will be the production time for this CO2 extraction machine?
A:It’s 40 working days normally.

Q:How long will be the warranty time?
A:It’s 24 month normally, if any damage parts during this period, we will provide it to customer for free.

Q:What are the spare parts?
A:Generally the spare parts are seals.We will send more seals when shipping machine to customer and the spares are enough to use for two years.


FAQ for Juice Plant

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Q:What’s the capacity range for your juice plant?

A:Our juice plant can process fruit 25kg/h-5000kg/h


Q:What’s fruit does your line suitable?

A:Our juice plant suitable for soft fruit, stone fruit and pip fruit etc.


FAQS for Solvent Extracting Machine

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Q: What kind of material can be extracted by your Solvent Extracting Machine?

A: Kinds of Herbs can be extracted by our machine, such as Licorice root, Myrrh, Areca,etc.

Q: Which models do you have about the extract and concentrate machine?
A: Among our current range of the extract and concentrate machine is from 3L~300L,we can also customized the machine for you.

Q: How many raw material we should put into the extract tank ?
A:  Generally the raw materials and the solvent in total should not more than 80% of the extract tank.

Q:Which kind of solvent do you usually use? How about the extract temperature?
A:Water and alcohol(70%) are widely used by us. Ether,Toluene also can be used for extract.
   For water:the extract temperature is usually under 100 degrees;
   For other solvents: the temperature is usually under 50 degrees.

Q: How about the rate of raw materials and solvent?
A:  Generally it’s 1:8 or 1:10, but it depends on the customer's requiremens.


FAQS For Essential Oil Distiller

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1.  Q: What kind of material can be distilled by your Essential Oil Distiller?

    A:Many kinds of flowers,leaves, grass, wood,barks ,etc can be distilled by our steam kit. In another word almost the fragrant plant can be distilled by our steam distiller and get pure Essential Oil. We enclose following table for your reference:

2. Q: How is the process of extracting essential oil? Or what is the principle of the operation?

  A: The extracting process depends on clients’ raw materials. There are two distilling way, which are in-water and above-water distillation. For example, lavenders apply the above-water distillation, while roses apply the in-water distillation.


3. Q: What is the size of your Essential Oil Distiller?

   A: We can customize 10L to 6000L Essential Oil Distiller. If the size can't meet with your requirement, please inform us freely and our engineer will give you the solution accordingly.


4.Q: What is the material of or Essential Oil Distiller?

 A: All of our Essential Oil still is made of SUS304A food grade stainless steel.


5.Q: How long it will take to extract per batch?A: It would take 4-5 hours to extract entirely one batch.

Pre-heating needs about 45 minutes; after 2 hours again, most essential oil would be produced and seen. The purpose of 4-5 hours is to make the most of raw material and extract essential oil at the greatest extent. 


6. Q: How many areas are required to install the machine?and what about the height?

A: The area also depends on the size of machines.For the small and medium type of machines for test, the floor area is no more than 2M2,the height is more than 4 meters.For the large type

 of machines for production, the floor area is no more than 12M2,the height is no more than 6.5 meters. 

7.Q: Is there other extra machines which requires to match with this essential oil extracting machine?A: For the small and medium type of machines for test, this single machine is enough. For the large type of machines for production, crane, console (crane and console are used for the easy

 loading and unloading), boiler and the cooling tower (cooling tower is used to recycle the water) would be required. 

8. Q: what is the hydrolat? What is its usage?A: when the steam from extracting tank meets the condenser, there is water drop flowing down into the below tube, after a while, two layers would be seen, the above is essential oil; 

the below would be hydrolat.There are different usages for different raw materials.

Many clients use hydrolat directly as Alcohol-free Toner; Toilet water; Perfume; Mask juice; Moisture Surge Face Spray; Mouth wash; Aftershave water and so on.


9. Q: What kind of heating type for your Essential Oil Distiller?

  A: Gas heating, Eletricity Heating, Steam Geneator Heating, Wood Heating



what is the difference between essential oil distiller and the solvent extraction machine

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A:The essential oil distiller is the steam distillation machine used to extract the essential oil/volatile oil from flowers,leaves,wood,etc.For example,you can use the essential oil distiller to get 100% pure rose oil,lavender oil,sandalwood oil,orange oil and also can get the floral water.The essential oil can be used in many industries such as cosmetic industry,food industry. The solvent extraction machine is to extract the effective components from herbs using water or ethanol as solvent.Concentrate function can be added according to your requirement.After the extraction,you can get the extraction liquid,then filtered and concentrated if needed,to make heath care products or such kind of pills.The machine can also equipped with the ultrasonic generator to reduce the extraction time and improve the extraction effect.
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